Returning from China one month before the Covid-19 virus Tom continued his beautiful adventure through life. 

  • The Pandemonium

    Tom and Dot sit on the edge of a cliff. Here they watch the beautiful world and the unfolding events. The darkening sky approaches and a fiasco of toilet paper hoarding rioteers scramble the countryside.

  • TheMarchHomeE.jpg

    The March Home

    A playful seen where Tom discovered a lost family of ducklings. Their journey together was a return back to their mother. The ducklings must have gotten distracted by all of the sparkling golden butterflies that appeared throughout the world. 

  • Learning to Fly.jpg

    Learning to Fly

    Tom has accumulated several balloons throughout his life. These balloons are his successes and trusty life lessons. Climbing the stool he wishes to take flight like he has once before. With practice he will eventually get off his feet and maybe someday ride the cloud and have complete freedom over the skies.

  • SelfQuarentine.jpg

    Self Quarantine

    Due to the high levels of uncertainty this small clan has resorted back to the basics. They believe it is a chance to learn something new. Starting with building blocks these friends work together to create a new path. The stairway they have created will be their best view of the sky so far.

  • Pearlofgreatprice.jpg

    The Pearl of Great Price

    Tom is showing us a clay planter containing a miniature world.

    The world contains a growing plant that he is taking care of and a climate that he has created. The plant is seeding a pearl symbolizing what we choose to grow during our time of isolation.  

  • TheCalm1.jpg

    The Calm

    Within Tom's Aura everything is bright, even when the world appears to be dark. In the darkest moments light shines through like the lightning bugs and the sprout of new life.

  • AsAbove,SoBelow.jpg

    As Above So Below

    like a seed being pressed into the earth Tom's slumber creates a potential for tomorrow. Here Tom rests on the cloud covered hilltop, a reflection of the internal bliss-filled world.

  • GardenofabundanceIllustration.jpg

    The Garden of Abundance

    Aloft in relaxation Tom watches the recycle of the worlds supply. Approaching the first giant Tom will learn where his heart is. The second will speak and if Tom learns from his instruction he will be be a worthy servant of the garden in the sky. 

  • A Magic Night.jpg

    A Magic Night

    While Tom plays throughout the night Dot wanders over and climbs on the swing next to Tom. She is holding a moon blossom, a beautiful flower that emerges out of the night.


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