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Group Event

Group clay events are tailored to meet your group's interests. This activity is for friends, coworkers, or family gatherings. 

*Group Size: 4-12 

*Ages 4+ 

*1.5 hrs 



All activities take roughly 1.5 hrs to complete. We allow 30 minutes afterward to choose glazes colors, label artwork and tidy up.




3-5 person $45 per person

6-12 person $40 per person


Some projects have additional fees. These projects require the host to have pre-made vessels for each participant.

Pottery Wheel





  • Pottery Wheel  

  • Family Bowl +$45.00 

  • Family Vase +$45.00 

  • Pinch Pottery 

  • Coil Pottery

  • Clay Gnomes

  • Clay Penguins

  • Headed Jars +$5.00 per person          -Includes wheel spun lid.

  • Clay Cups/Mugs +$10.00 per person -Includes wheel spun cup.

  • Custom Project

After the workshop

Participants choose their favorite piece to glaze.

We have several glazes to choose from. 


After you leave the host will trim and label all of the artwork. We will also inspect each piece to provide the best opportunity for the artwork's survival through the kiln.


We do our best but cannot prevent all of the unknowns. 

The artwork will take roughly 3 weeks to complete. We will notify you as soon as the work is complete. You can schedule a pick-up by email or phone.

Schedule a lesson.

If you are ready to book go to the link below. If you have additional questions please email us at

*If dates don't appear to be available. Please email us and we can figure out a time that works!