Skill Level


1day a week

2 months



One - month class Program:

1. Studio orientation

2. Introduction to the pottery wheel.

3. Introduction to studio tools and equipment.

4. Glazing methods practice.

5. Kiln firing practice.

6. Clean-up/recycle procedures.

This class includes:

  • 25 lbs. of clay

  • Kiln firing and glazing for up to 15 pieces of average size (4x4x4). 

  • Instructions for throwing, starting with wedging & centering clay on the wheel for beginners, and further development for intermediate to advanced levels

  • Projects include bowls and mugs with handles, and other requests like plates, jars & lids

  • Learn the rules of the studio to work & clean up safely

  • This is for all levels of experience, including new clay artists with no experience or with high school or college level experience

  • Class size: 5 maximum 

  • Adults 18 and older

  • Fill out a Registration Form & sign a Liability Waiver at the studio

What are the classes like?
While music plays in the background, instructions are physically shown so everyone sees what to do. Then everyone gives it a try at their own wheel space. You learn where the tools are, where to get water to throw with and what to do with the muddy water at the end of the class. Everyone cleans up their own work area thoroughly in every class. The first 3 weeks are for clay work: throwing and trimming. The 4th week is for waxing & glazing using buckets of glaze to dip pieces into.

What do we learn in this class? 
That throwing clay is harder to do than it looks, but also to wedge clay, then center the clay on the wheel when the correct pressures are applied. Beginners make bowls, cups, and pull a handle. In glazing, you learn how to apply a special wax to the bottom of your pieces, then dip them in a bucket of glaze. There are combinations of glazes that do and don't work.

Is it ok if we are a beginner? 
Yes, we teach lots of beginners.

Is the clay, glaze, and kiln time included?
Yes, the class includes one bag of clay which is 25 lbs. Class fees cover glazing and kiln firing up to 10 pieces of average size which is appx. 4"x4"x4". If more pieces are made, more fees are assessed for each piece. Beginners make and keep between 2-10 pieces usually.

How many times can I sign up for a class?
As many as you like. People who like to make pottery usually sign up for more than one class throughout the year. Their skills improve by practicing continuously. With each class, more stuff is learned, and progress is made towards making the pottery you want.