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2024 Trip to India

Greetings from Creation Shop!

As many of you know, at Creation Shop, Tom is our intuitive blue ball of clay cartoon character. At the workshop, we create and share Tom's adventure stories.

In the past, we've brought you Tom's story to Jingdezhen, China, Tom's adventure through 2020, and Tom's origin story. However, we believe Tom can go far beyond his journey to China and embark on a global exploration, discovering artifacts, sharing art, and exploring cultures through this playful cartoon series.

In an effort to realize this dream, we have connected with WVU Professor Shoji Satake and learned about an international ceramic Trienniale conference in India this coming January. Because Tom's adventure is more than just a trip; it's idealized as an immersive experience in a new land, we believe it's important to explore the opportunities for an experience similar to visiting Jingdezhen, China's porcelain capital.

In India, our plan is to spend 20 days delving into the opportunities for potters in the country. We will visit Delhi, Nagod, Pondicherry, and towns in between, exploring potteries, new friends, and learning about Indian ceramics with the aim of incorporating these experiences into Tom's future journeys.

To create a unique experience for those who support Creation Shop, we will be heading to India in January 15th. We will visit potteries and art centers to learn about the pottery of India. If you want to follow along, We will be sharing experiences on the Blayze Buseth's Instagram page.






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